Coping With Infant Crying 

Babies cry because it is the only way they can let a parent know that they need help. Crying is meant to be upsetting for a parent, it is Nature’s way of making sure they pay attention promptly. A baby’s cry might signal many things that discomfort it. Sometimes, however, babies cry for no reason at all and just cannot be settled. Crying can be upsetting for you and your baby, but it causes no harm and will eventually cease.

If this is something you are experiencing it can be hard to cope. But there are things you can do to try and help. We use the phrase ICON to help us remember how to cope with a crying baby. This short video helps to explain: 

Remember the ICON message: 

  • Infant crying is normal and it will stop.
  • Comfort methods will sometimes help and the crying will stop.
  • OK to walk away for a few minutes to calm down if the baby is safe and the crying is getting to you.
  • Never ever shake or hurt a baby.