Blood Pressure @home

What is Blood Pressure @home about? 

Blood Pressure (BP) @home has been developed by NHS @home to provide better connected, more personalised care in people’s homes, including care homes, supported by technology where appropriate. To date, the programme has sent out over 22,000 blood pressure monitors.

It has been found that home blood pressure monitoring readings are often lower than readings taken in the clinic setting and are closer to the average blood pressure.

Evidence from clinical trials has shown that patients with hypertension who self-monitor their blood pressure tend to have improved blood pressure after one year than those under usual care.


What do I need to do if I am taking part in Blood Pressure @home?

Patients will be invited by one of our team to take part in Blood Pressure @home.

If you are taking part in the Blood Pressure @home initiative you will be required to submit 6-12 monthly blood pressure readings if your blood pressure is within target. If your blood pressure is above target you will be asked for monthly readings.


If you are using your own home blood pressure machine make sure that it is less than 5 years old and validated for home use, which you can check using this link. You also need an appropriately sized above elbow cuff.

The image below shows you some key points to remember when measuring your blood pressure at home. You can also read our guidance for monitoring your blood pressure at home here. 


See below for information on what your blood pressure readings mean.