Audiology / Hearing / Ears 

What does Frome Medical Practice offer? 

Audiology services are provided by the Royal United Hospital (RUH.) 

Frome Medical Practice provides an ear syringing service for those patients who need it. More information available here. Please note this service is not available currently due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


Other support available 

The RUH audiology department have provided the following information for those patients who have hearing aids provided by the RUH: 

RUH hearing aid cleaning and retubing for those who can post their hearing aids 

RUH hearing aids can be sent to the RUH to be cleaned and retubed as the normal cleaning /retubing clinics are not being run during the coronavirus pandemic.

Patients are asked to please send their book in or send us a note with their details  (name, date of birth, return address.) 


RUH hearing aid cleaning and retubing for those who cannot post their hearing aids 

If patients are unable to post their hearing aids to the RUH, they can instead contact RUH audiology by phone or email and tubes will then be sent out to patients so they can retube themselves.

The following videos will help those patients who need to clean and retube their hearing aids themselves: 


Open fit retubing video 


Earmould retubing video 



RUH hearing aid battery replacement for patients who can leave the house 

If patients are able to get to the post office /post box the audiology department is asking for a self addressed envelope with a £1:15 stamp and they will send a pack of 4 batteries back to the patient. 


RUH hearing aid battery replacement for patients who cannot leave the house

For patients who are shielding or self isolating audiology will post batteries to patients who need them. 


RUH Audiology Department Contact Details 

You can contact the RUH Audiology Department as follows: 

RUH Audiology Department

Combe Park



Telephone: 01225 824035